Zylos combines 4 trending technologies in 1 tool

What is common between an Information Catalog, Enterprise Taxonomy, Knowledge Graph and Digital Twin Organization?

Firstly, they are all Trending Technologies.
Secondly, they support Use Cases around knowledge and complexity.
Thirdly, they use the same underlying data assets.

Zylos is a proposition that blends these 4 technologies into 1 simple tool, allowing you to capture and manage knowledge and complexity.

Use Cases


Information Catalog

Manage and share business glossaries for search, exploration and governance of information entities and terminology. Manage relationships, properties and context.


Enterprise Taxonomy

Build and visualize hierarchical classifications of data entities of the organization. Uncover context via transversal links across taxonomies. Classify and link content.


Knowledge Graph

Navigate the map of connected entities. Explore linked data in context. Leverage semantic metadata as framework for analytics and knowledge management.


Digital Twin

Leverage knowledge graphs to create a digital mirror-instance of your organization. Disentangle complexity, Manage the Business Architecture and Operating Models.

Business Value

Map and explain your business in human terms:

Small Data

“Big Data are haystacks,
the needles are Small Data…”

Catalogs, Taxonomies, Knowledge Graphs, Digital Twins – they all share the same building blocks of organization, process and technology: ‘Small Data’.

In contrast with ‘Big Data’ – ideal for machines, ‘Small Data‘ is ideally sized for human comprehension, low in volume, yet very powerful.

Zylos doesn’t wrap any frameworks or modelling languages around this data but puts these building blocks into context via Graphs.

Enabling the Adaptive Enterprise

“Adaptiveness to change is a condition for survival”.

Zylos is a graph-based knowledge platform providing tools to manage the complexity of your organization.

The Catalog, Taxonomies, Knowledge Graphs and Digital Twin help you to manage change, transformation and Operating Models.

Who Benefits

Consulting Firms

Business Architecture

Strategy, Change & Transformation

Project & Portfolio Management

Knowledge Management

Any knowledge worker

How It Works

1. Compose

Capture the business vocabulary. Create or load connected data.

1. Compose

• Template models available to jump-start your project

• Produce graphs, reports, documents & Operating Models

2. Explore

Explore & navigate the network of business entities in context.

2. Explore

• Discover the semantic canvas of your organization

• Unlock context by revealing connections across data

3. Visualize

Graph-based mapping & visualization of connected data

3. Visualize

• Discover enterprise connected data via graphs.

• Get insights across organization, process & technology

4. Analyze

Analyze trends & track measures. Share Operating Models.

4. Analyze

• Fact sheets, dashboards & data charts

• Share Graphs, Taxonomies, Operating Models

Where It Fits


Zylos blends capabilities and features from multiple domains and disciplines:

  • Information Catalog

  • Business Glossary

  • Organization Wiki


  • Enterprise Taxonomies

  • Graph Visualization

  • Semantic Meta Data


  • Knowledge Graph

  • Content Search & Discovery

  • Graph-based Analytics


  • Digital Twin Organisation (DTO)

  • Capability & Operating Models

  • Dynamic Documentation


Zylos is a ’80/20 solution’, meaning that the most vital functionality is achieved with a selected set of high-value features.

If you are already using or planning to use one or more of the above solutions,
you might find that Zylos alone offers just what you need in a single proposition.


  • Intuitive, visual & adaptive

  • Generic data framework

  • Simplicity by design

  • Interactive graph visualization

  • Organic build & adoption

  • Crowdsourced data

  • Technical expertise

  • Data modelling

  • Configuration management

  • Code based development

  • Specialist skills or languages

  • Data harmonization

Zylos does not resemble or mimic the style of the status quo…
Zylos has blended a selected variety of capabilities into a single platform,
making connected data easy and natural, without technical complexity.

Zylos is inspired by natural patterns,
blending form and function into visual data structures




  • 20 users
  • 5 projects
  • Unlimited storage
  • Basic support


  • 50 users
  • 15 projects
  • Unlimited storage
  • Premium support


  • 100 users
  • 50 projects
  • Unlimited storage
  • Premium+ support


---On demand
  • >100 users
  • Unlimited no. of projects
  • Unlimited storage
  • Dedicated support


Curious to find out what difference Zylos
can make to your organization?

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