‘You should not become cheat on your wife’: Woman’s glucose daddy blackmail storyline exposed


A lady blackmailed men who have been utilizing sugar daddy web pages off numerous lbs after intimidating to tell their unique spouses and girlfriends just what they’d started around.

Tiffany Anderson extorted practically ?1,300 from four boys when you look at the room of per year, with one target stumping upwards around ?600 for worry his gf would uncover he had joined up with the adults-only site.

The 23-year-old, from Aberdeen, produced artificial profiles on Secretbenefits and Seeking before motivating those that made contact to exchange phone data.

She would next provide the males films and photo of a sexual nature and, when they recognized, need their emails against these to extort revenue.

Anderson sent screenshots regarding friends’s myspace pages in addition to a risk: “Don’t also think about blocking myself.”

‘You shouldn’t end up being cheating on your partner’

In July 2021 she created a fake profile on Secret pros – which calls by itself “a dating website for good-sized people and appealing people” – to a target one wedded guy, just who sent this lady ?30 in exchange for pictures of a sexual nature.

The moment the money was actually received Anderson messaged her prey, warning he “shouldn’t getting cheating on his girlfriend” and requirements ?200 to stop the girl from sharing their particular intimate emails and discussions along with his myspace pals.

The person paid a maximum of ?250 before stopping her from contacting your on WhatsApp.

On a second celebration, in December 2021, http://www.datingmentor.org/tr/mature-quality-singles-inceleme/ she sent messages of the same characteristics to a person of sugar father web site looking for.

This time her present to transmit romantic clips had been refused – but the man stated he’d fairly satisfy in-person and indicating they carry out an intimate work.

Anderson then delivered him a screenshot of these information to your, with screenshots of their Fb web page and a demand for ?100.

Tiffany Anderson runs from Aberdeen Sheriff Courtroom. Wullie Marr / DCT Mass Media

Blackmailed under an hour after joining website

Fiscal depute Dylan Middleton advised Aberdeen Sheriff Court: “Reluctantly, the complainer sent the ?100 using the resource ‘purchase’ on accounts. But more threats followed additionally the accused required a further ?100 be paid.”

The guy obliged, stumping right up ?200 as a whole, before reporting matters towards the authorities.

On a 3rd occasion, that same month, Anderson’s prey had been a member of Seeking website at under one hour before the guy discover themselves being blackmailed.

She sent your an email containing the woman amounts, indicating it absolutely was “easier to converse” that way.

Mr Middleton stated: “The complainer gotten a message through WhatsApp through the implicated advertising video clips available.

“the guy began questioning his behavior and declined the deal.”

But true to make, screenshots of their family’ and girlfriend’s fb pages observed, plus a need for ?200.

Prey paid the girl around ?600

He obstructed the lady and hoped that could be the termination of it, but later on that time was given more communications from a unique telephone number asking for cash in return for her keeping quiet.

“He continuing to receive further routine demands for repayment. The guy hesitantly continuous to deliver cash,” Mr Middleton put.

The Person sooner forked out around ?600.

Tiffany Anderson. Pic: Fb

Anderson’s fourth sufferer had been duped in the same way on June 18 last year.

He approved chat through WhatsApp but declined their give of sexual photographs. In cases like this, the discussions had been “generic” and also the man additionally declined an offer in order to satisfy personally.

However, he nevertheless paid up ?130 via Paypal after Anderson sent an email expressing “How about I send any friends any emails and your Getting page?

“I am sure you don’t wish the embarrassment and shame of that … and don’t actually consider blocking myself.”

Blackmailer is actually ‘very susceptible’

Anderson’s protection representative Alex Burn stated his client had a “troubled history” and spent my youth without a “proper parental upbringing”. The guy stated she “very a lot regrets” their contribution during the plan.

“Clearly they’re really serious things but there are some positive alterations in their lives,” he put. “She are a really prone person.”

Sheriff William summer seasons said it absolutely was “impossible to not think some empathy towards her” but it was “not unusual” to discipline criminal activities along these lines with a jail sentence.

He stated: “These tend to be major fees concerning a clear section of preparation and seemingly meticulous execution. In the course of this venture, your extorted numerous pounds from four sufferers.”

Keeping in mind her minimal past convictions Sheriff summertimes sentenced Anderson, on the Spital, Aberdeen, to eighteen months of watch, 160 time of delinquent jobs and a three-month night curfew.

Tiffany Anderson legged it from Aberdeen Sheriff courtroom